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My name is Mike Sexton, and I'm committed to making your voice heard here in Colleyville. Like you, I want to continue taking an active role in preserving Colleyville as the best place to raise your family, run your businesses, and to create a future without limits . My goals are the following:

  • Promote strategic economic development that preserves our unique rural feel win our neighborhoods while addressing the revenue needs of our city. 
  • Fight to lower your property tax, and give you a voice in the process. 
  • ​Unaffiliated with local PACs  which allows the flexibility to end the cycle of divisiveness here in Colleyville. The ability to find common ground with both sides for the purpose of moving Colleyville forward in a unified manner.

I am asking you to connect with me to make this happen. Tell me what we need, and together we can make a difference. Together we can create the community we want and deserve. . 

Ready to work for you.

​​Keep Colleyville...Colleyville!

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"Govern wisely and as little as possible."

Candidate Mike Sexton